Meet the Farmers


Jim grew up on a farm in O’Fallon, Mo. His father farmed 2000 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat. His mother operated a greenhouse business which sold flowers and bedding plants. In 2000 he bought a small farm in Troy, Mo.  Having a large garden, which became larger every year, eventually led to searching for an outlet for all of the vegetables being produced. What started as a hobby, turned into a self-serve roadside farm stand. Over the years, the vegetable business has expanded and Shared Bounty CSA was added to our operation in 2010. For Jim, growing vegetables and providing healthy food to local communities has always been a “labor of love”, but having a job in construction just did not allow the time needed to expand the CSA. Having a co-owner to share the work, and to share ideas, has added a new energy, and has enhanced the farming experience.


Growing up on a family farm in a small, rural community in Southern Illinois, Jill thought she wanted nothing more than to live in a city.  So after receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Illinois, she moved to Saint Louis.  After spending 10+ years at a dental manufacturing company, she found herself hungry to feed a passion.  Believe it or not, a passion fueled by her childhood — agriculture.  Although she was grateful for and challenged by her management position, she yearned to further her knowledge of farming, so she enrolled in a year long program for new fruit and vegetable farmers.  It was this program that introduced her to the CSA model.  Captivated with every facet of the model, her thoughts were consumed with how to make the dream of becoming a CSA farmer reality.  After much thought and prayerful consideration, she decided to leave the manufacturing world to concentrate solely on farming.  While researching local CSA farms, she stumbled across Shared Bounty.  She began volunteering full time at Shared Bounty in 2015 and became co-owner in December of 2016.  She is excited to share her enthusiasm for agriculture by growing, nurturing, and providing delicious and healthy produce for the local communities!