Shared Bounty Farm

Located on the northern edge of Troy, MO in Lincoln County, Shared Bounty is a 20 acre farm dedicated to providing high quality, naturally grown produce to the greater Saint Louis Area.

The gardens took root in 2000; selling a majority of our harvest at an honor-system produce wagon located right here on the farm.  We continued to learn and grow through the years and with the excitement of farming still brewing, we found ourselves brainstorming on how we could reach more individuals.

We landed on an alternative, locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution- Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  After much planning and preparation, we kicked off our CSA program in the spring of 2010.

While we continue to stock our produce wagon with our bumper crops of each season, the bulk of our harvest, including our specialty crops, are distributed to our CSA subscribers.

Here at Shared Bounty Farm, we’re committed to providing our local communities with the highest quality produce and eggs, while using sustainable practices.

Sustainable practices improve the ecological health of the farm, which enhances the quality of life for the farmers, consumers, livestock, environment, and future generations.

We maintain, protect, and nourish our soil with compost, crop rotation, and cover crops.  We use floating row covers, flowering plants, organically-approved biological controls, and beneficial insects to aid in pest control.

Hand and tractor cultivation is used to reduce weed pressure and we promise to never use any type of synthetic chemicals or GMOs.

Harvesting is done by hand and crops are prepared, packed, and refrigerated (if needed) to preserve freshness and flavor.

We encourage subscribers and individuals to visit the farm to gain a full understanding of these practices and fully connect with the land and farmers producing the food you’re placing on your tables.

We feel these principles will result in a more sustainable model for agriculture in the future.

We whole-heartedly believe that the CSA model provides a sound system to keep our bodies, communities, economy, and environment healthy!


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