Weekly Newsletters

*Projected Cooler Contents* (please remember that this is simply a projected list and is subject to changes) – grape & cherry tomatoes, summer squash, bell peppers, rutabagas, sugar cube cantaloupe, […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #10

Welcome to our 2017 CSA season!  We’ve been planning and anticipating our first week of the season for quite some time and it’s finally here.  The extremely warm, early spring […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #1

Greetings Shared Bounty Farm Subscribers!  We hope everyone enjoyed the cool spring weather this past week — we sure did love it at the farm.  We’ve got a nice variety […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #2

Hello!  Whew, did it get hot this week.  Looks like summer temps are here to stay — thankfully the tomatoes like hot!  Ripe cherry and grape tomatoes should be just […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #3

  Here we are, already arriving at week #4 of the season!  We hope everyone is enjoying the season as much as we are here on the farm.  It’s such […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #4

Hello Shared Bounty Subscribers!  Despite the rain, it’s been another busy week here at the farm — pruning tomato plants, preparing for a field trip, weeding (the job that never […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #5

Hello Subscribers! We are sure enjoying a couple perfect days. The heat we were experiencing earlier in the week puts a lot of stress on the crops, and makes it […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #6

Hi Shared Bounty Farm Folks!  This week we’ve got quite a few summer crops for you — some summer favorites that will compliment your holiday celebrations nicely.  We may not […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #7

Hi Locavores!  It was a productive, yet celebratory holiday week here at the farm.  We got the last planting of tomatillos, peppers, and tomatoes planted and the first planting of […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #8

Hi Shared Bounty Friends! Most of the items in the garden continue to love the summer heat!  However, we are very thankful to have a deep well that allows us […]

2017 SBF CSA Week #9